A person (‘or’ a nation) consumes a part of income and saves the rest. These savings are accumulated in the form of wealth. Wealth is a stock owned at a point of time. Income is a flow, over a period of time. Wealth includes houses, buildings, furniture, land, money in cash, company shares, stocks of other commodities etc., health, goodwill etc.

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Definition of Wealth

If you want to be wealthy, you must understand what wealth is. Here is the best definition of wealth you will ever find. Wealth is "Cash flow from other sources."

2. Make your money work for you

  • What this means is that, you are not wealthy just because you earn a lot of money.
  • You are only wealthy when your money works for you. To become wealthy, your main job is to acquire money and then put it to work making more money for you.

3. Add Value Continually

  • The key to creating wealth is simple.
  • It is called "adding value.“
  • Successful people are those who are always looking for ways to add value in some way to a person, a company, a product or a service.

What is Wealth?

Real Wealth is created when value flows from one person or group of people to another, i.e.each person or party feels they have benefited from the exchange

What is Real Wealth?

Real Wealth is the source we have access to permanently and continuously that enhances life and the quality of life for ourselves, our fellow human beings and all other sentient life

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